Steering Committee

Jannick Rolland

Rolland, Jannick

  • Brian J. Thompson Professor of Optical Engineering
    Professor of Optics
    Professor of Biomedical Engineering
    Professor in the Center for Visual Science
  • Director, NSF/IUCRC: Center for Freeform Optics
    Director, R.E. Hopkins Center for Optical Design and Engineering


Interests: Optical Aberration Theory; Freeform Optics; Metasurfaces; Metaform; Optical System Design; Optical Metrology; Illumination; Instrumentation and System Engineering; Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT); Optical Coherence Elastography (OCE); Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR); Head-Worn Displays; Heads-up Displays

Julie Bentley

Bentley, Julie

  • Professor of Optics

Interests: Optical Design; Engineering

Photo of Jen Kruschwitz

Kruschwitz, Jennifer D. T.

  • Associate Professor of Optics
    Senior Scientist, LLE

Interests: Optical Interference Coatings and Color

John Lambropoulos

Lambropoulos, John

  • Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Professor, Materials Science
    Senior Scientist, Laboratory for Laser Energetics
    Distinguished Scientist, Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE)
    Materials Science Graduate Recruiting Committee

Interests: Micromechanics; Mechanics & Materials Issues in Optics Manufacturing; Defect Generation During Crystal Growth

Jessica DeGroote Nelson

Nelson, Jessica DeGroote

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
Michael Pomerantz

Pomerantz, Michael

  • Technical Associate